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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale the iconic knitwear and a single product has been recently released in major retail stores. At his women's conference in Paris, Lamaire shared with his wife Sarah-Linh Tran and his friends in life about their practical and emotional possibilities for clothing, and the importance of everyday dress. Last year was the final season for Hermes, and since then you have been completely focused on your brand. Similarly, your team is growing and your sales are growing - both in stores and in stores. Online shop. In the outside world, this seems to be a major moment for you; then from a personal point of view is what kind of feelings? Lemaire: Yes, for us all this is gradually taking place, we in the reconstruction of the brand while sales continue to grow, the media gives the response is also good. This is dynamic, so we are always feeling it; this can bring us to encourage and stimulate. However, in the day after the work, we do have the same feeling, accompanied by our anxiety. We have been in the fight with it discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet what principles we can follow, and what we are going to face. Maintaining balance is key. However, the good thing is that we are at their own pace in the direction of the ideal forward. Tran: I think people know why they choose us. They understand that they are not looking for something that is striking or new in the moment. So we do not have to continue to introduce new products, the pressure, people will not expect to find here in fashion circles are popular things. In the past you have talked about maintaining independence, and now you have an investor. Why such a change in the arrangements for this time? Lemaire: We are still independent. We agreed to accept Bpifrance's investment because it was a minority equity investment, they would not interfere with our development strategy, will only focus on data without changing our structure or series of designs. They are just here to help us develop - this is their goal. Their idea is to support the young independent company. They will not act in haste ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet the future we will continue to introduce new designers cooperation series. Christophe Lemaire and his girlfriend Sarah-Linh Tran left Hermes, Christophe Lemaire completely put their energy into the personal brand, but also accept the external investment. Last year, the French designer Christophe Lemaire announced that he will be outgoing Hermes women's creative director, into their own series of Lemaire production. 'My personal brand has grown significantly and now I really want and need to focus on my own stuff,' he declared at the time. Since then, he has been engaged in this growing brand, with well-made and unpretentious men and women continue to enrich it. So far, all this has paid off: the brand is on track, reaching € 7m in 2015 (more than double its 2013 revenue), and recently announced that Lemaire will accept minority shareholders, focusing on Small and medium-sized development company investment company Bipfrance investment. Lemaire and Uniqlo cooperation will be extended to the next season ray ban sunglasses factory outlet



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